You’ll find a way!

I nonstop get asked when me and my husband will have kids. I don’t want kids. I hate the screaming, messiness, loudness, smell, clinginess, never having nice stuff, fits…you name it. And babies give me horrible anxiety when they start to have a meltdown because I can never get them to stop crying!

I get asked why when I say I don’t want them and usually end saying we can’t afford them. People always change it into a life lesson talk and get all emotional into a sob story and say you’ll always find a way to afford some precious babies and God will help. Ummmm we already live paycheck to paycheck and I can’t afford anymore medical bills plus is god gonna pay my mortgage? When someone has reasons to why they don’t want kids respect their decision and don’t try to solve their problems and make them change their mind. My kids are my dog and cat. If you can’t respect me then gtfo.