Women are sexist to young men, boys even.

A couple months ago at my school, I was walking up the stairs to go into the school. There were four people going in:

In the front, a girl with an Asian ethnicity;
A black lady ;
Me, a straight white male;
And then a boy with asian ethnicity.

The girl held the door open for the Black Women, and also held the door open for me and the other guy, which was really nice. But *apparently* it was the worst thing ever.

When me and the boy got inside, the Adult all but gaped at what she saw. She chastised the Girl for holding the door open for a man. Because you shouldn’t do that, apparently. She said that “You should never hold a door open for a man. They are terrible people. Do you hear me?” And wouldn’t let up to the girl said yes.

I just thought I should share. This happened in a highschool. Where there are people as young as 14. They *most likely* haven’t raped anyone

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