why does everyone want kids???

Ok so this is a rant and I’m literally brand new to this subreddit and I love it already. Today I was talking to someone I liked and they said they wanted kids and that they could change my mind with their nephew and I couldn’t help but get the ick, I’m 19NB and I dont understand how people my age want to have kids or know they want them, the sole thought of having to care for a screaming child that’s looks like a potato sends my mind reeling Into anxiety, I’m a virgin and every period I still have anxiety attacks when they’re late.
Why does everyone my age that I like wants kids, I’ve been rejected because i don’t want kids at my age like I’m supposed to know and make up my mind
Also I’ve never found children cute, especially babies, when i was little I hated baby dolls and my extended family would buy me baby dolls and I’d throw them out and play with my stuffed animals instead, tbh my favourite toys as a kid was my road playmat and my water table with water canals n stuff. I’m just really thankful my parents didn’t push me into family making and instead pushed me into my career and stuff.
I’d love to hear this communities thoughts so I can discuss these things :3