What is your story? What got you into men’s rights? I used to be a massive supporter of feminism. I am not now. I do not hate women. I support them. I wish they would do the same. Let’s tell our stories.

This is very much true what I said in the title. I used to be completely woke feminist type guy. But the more women with that type of Outlook I had on Facebook etc, the more straight up misandry I would find.

I was a straight up ally through and through for women. Well, feminist women messed that up.

Edit: I would just like to point out that after reading all of these not one person said anything about being angry at women in general or not being able to get laid. I still to this day don’t understand why they say this.

It started by pointing out small things. Like not to demonize all men as most of us are on your side. Sorry that kind of offends me a bit as every woman in my life would probably say they have hurt me more physically or mentally then I have ever done to them.

Or defending against very sexist things like please stop saying men need to be taught in their teens not to rape. They are children and any sensibly raised person is going to automatically know that isn’t okay.

I noticed when I said stuff like that, even though I was 100% supportive of their movement, the feminist I was friends with wouldn’t criticize me. But oh boy, her feminist friends sure did. Hell most of the feminist friends I had/have would outright defend me. Then laughably get criticized by their own friends and movement.

Simply explaining perspectives when literally asked to I would get attacked and said was mansplaining. Even when answering questions like how do men feel about domestic abuse, or the metoo movement. Stating things like domestic abuse is horrible and I went through it as a man. And explaining how bad it was even coming from a woman. How I support all victims etc. Somehow that was mansplaining? I mean…you literally ASKED for a man’s perspective?

So slowly but surely they REALLY turned me off of feminism when I wanted to do nothing but support them. Because I love people and women. Most people and most women. But being demonized simply for being a man got exhausting.

So then getting annoyed with some of their responses I looked up a few things to prove my points. And slowly saw subreddits like these and some other MRA stuff. Which I heard was just women hating garbage, and realized holy shit these guys really are just normal dudes, not incels or this or that, that have been abused by the system, women, partners, or all of them combined.

Most guys here DONT have much of an issue getting laid. But oh boy do they sure act like it. As usually thats their only weapon. Not facts or actual progressiveness. We’re just over all the bigotry and hate. I am extremely left wing and didn’t think alt left existed. But now I do. I never got called an Incel in my life. Except for commenting on reddit defending men.

I still am left wing but holy shit feminists. You turned me and so many other men away because of your hate. You are not the good guys. And have become the very thing you were fighting against.