What are your favorite hobbies and games that your CF life allows?

We hear so much from so many people about their kids- I want to hear from other CF people what their lives are like! We all need to hear about other options for our futures that don’t involve kids.

I travel constantly and work late in a career I love. It’s my life’s dream.

I workout nearly every day and eat healthy and go to bed and get a good nights sleep whenever I need.

I play board games with friends when I get some free time.

I occasionally play Stardew valley, ark survival evolved, Pokémon, and age of empires.

EDIT: holy comments batman! I have read every single one of your comments- either laying in my hammock or with a sleepy kitty in my arms like a baby . You all are some AMAZING people and it’s so heart warming to read!

You’ve reminded me of some other perks of being childfree:

I get to spend $ on expensive hair, skin, and makeup products. I buy nice clothes. I don’t think twice about buying game expansions for ark or sims. I only need plane tickets for two people to travel, not a family. I sleep in every day because I work late. I come home at night and just relax. I wear whatever I want around the house