Vasectomy at 18 in Idaho? Any advice

I turned 18 2 months ago. My life was chaotic so I forgot about it but I can now legally get a vasectomy.

I am on Medicaid but I’m not sure if they will pay for my vasectomy. I don’t really know how to ask.

My main 4 reasons are

1. The Theocracy is cracking down on dissenters, especially ones who get sterilized. I live in a far-right reactionary state. I will never want kids, so I’d rather get it now in case it would become illegal.

2. I am finally 18 and can choose.

3. I have manic episodes that I barely remember. I’m worried I could get into a sexual situation and be unable to control myself. At least if that happened and I had a vasectomy, it wouldn’t be life ruining.

4. I think it would help with my dysphoria.

The problem is, I am immune to all forms of local anesthetics. My dad has this so it’s a genetic thing. I’d need to be fully knocked out. I know that’s possible but don’t know where to ask. I really don’t know any of this. I’ve never managed my own medical stuff before. I don’t want my parents to know, my dad is reactionary so he doesn’t get to know I’m not a man, my mom is fine with it but wants grandkids so I am worried. I live with her. She can’t know, at least until it’s done.

I don’t have sex and plan not to, but again with the manic episodes I probably will. I almost did once but caught myself before I drove to her house. This scares me. The moral implications of fathering a child, to me, are similar to killing someone in cold blood. I couldn’t live with myself, even if I’m not paying child support or anything. I need a solution quickly. Does anyone have any information on how to get a full sedation vasectomy?