Ukraine implements the Istanbul Convention

Yes, you read that right. Ukraine, fighting for its very existence, has taken time to ratify the Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence, better known as *the Istanbul Convention*.

I can speculate why they have done this. Partly, it illustrates what good can come of a on senior civil servants and selected feminist politicians. Even the UK, where the MRM has been fighting off the Istanbul Convention for over six years, looks under its Conservative , supposedly right-wing, government.

If you know nothing of the Istanbul Convention, you probably should read up on it. Do not assume it is just a whacky thing that is infecting only Europe: this is spreading around the world. British MRA and author William Collins has a .

You will read in the legacy media that the Istanbul Convention is about ending domestic violence against women. That’s like saying a keyboard is about writing letters: kind-of true but not everything it is, and it isn’t doing a good job of what it is claiming. Turkey once signed it and has since denied it. Bulgaria’s constitutional court has kicked it out for its sexist and undemocratic nature. Read .

You might also read of high rates of domestic violence in Ukraine. You need to read these with caution, particularly from feminist sources like the United Nations, where you will be told that almost all victims are women. If you look, you can find such cookie-cutter data on any country in the world. I don’t know the real situation in Ukraine but there is no reason to think it is much different to anywhere else, where domestic violence is a social problem, it is shared roughly equally between men, women and children, and where feminist policies over the past decades can be shown to have not reduced it .

If you pray, send an extra prayer for Ukraine now. Not only do they have to deal with the war from without, they have to deal with the war within – at the same time.