To the feminist at work. And in all other parts of my life.

I’m not joining the club.

I can’t take you seriously if the word entitlement isn’t paired with responsibility. Start explaining what you are responsible for.

I don’t care if you wear a bra. Why is this still a thing ? Do what you want.

I don’t need to hear anything related to your reproductive cycle, we are not a couple so why do you feel like sharing publicly. Sharing is not caring. Your body is your business.

If you take the time to creat list and be thoughtful do it silently. Telling others about the emotional labor you endured takes away from any generosity you supposedly offered.

If women are still too sexualized it’s because too many of your sisters are looking for a short cut. Deal with them, not me.

If a man shares a thoughts or a feeling let him finish it. Talking isn’t a competitive sport. Emotions are real and not icons in your chat app. Let a man express himself once in a while. And listen once in a while.

And lastly, if men are so bad why do you glom onto them as if they are owed to you. No man owes you anything, least of all a relationship if he isn’t ready for one. Or if you are not the one.

Stop pretending that feminism to many of you is nothing more than a short cut, a life hack. Built on the backs of broken men.