Tips on maintaining health and sanity living downstairs from children?

New here, so hope this post is okay, just not sure where else to ask this without being shamed. I’m just looking for tips for staying healthy, managing pain, and managing depressive thoughts caused by lack of sleep that *aren’t* directed at parents.

So, upstairs neighbour has two young kids, a toddler and a little older. Their normal sleep schedule is midnight to 7, which is rough for me, but tolerable, esp. if they aren’t up much during the night. But now it’s summer, so it’s more like 1 am to…whenever. They were up at 5:30 this morning after going to bed at 1 am. And they don’t really go out, so there’s no quiet time to catch up on sleep during the day, either.

I don’t have kids partly *because* my health isn’t good enough to care for them well. I have two different conditions affected by lack of sleep/irregular sleep schedule…which is par for the course with kids, I get it…but in the meantime, my health is getting worse and my productivity/income is taking a hit.

We are, of course, looking for another place to live, but until then, what? I’ve already been to my doctor for stronger meds, but I can’t take meds every day . I’ve tried using regular ear plugs under industrial ear muffs, as well as white noise under industrial ear muffs, with a fan running, but you can still hear the loud bangs and feel the vibrations. Tried sleeping in other rooms. School starting won’t totally solve the problem because it was still hard when their bedtime was earlier.

As grateful as I am not to live in the relentless hellscape my upstairs neighbour endures, I just want to not in pain and feeling sick anymore. Pretty sure the mother drinks to cope, but I doubt that would help me. Tempted, though… #wineneighbour