Thoughts on the rise of lesbianism/female bisexuality?

While homosexuality is increasing, it’s clear more women are identifying as not straight or being into other women than men. There are various reasons for this. Some feminists blame men, as usual, and there’s also the fact there’s less social stigma against women being with women. I’m not homophobic or against any consenting adults doing what they want, but I do wonder about the social implications, and some of the social causes. Even someone as respected as Leonard quipped one reason why this might be was because many guys are ‘such losers.’ But I was thinking, it’s already hard for many men to find a woman, what will happen if more women identify as bisexual or lesbian and choose long term female partners rather than male ones? Or a polyamorous relationship with a man and another woman. I’m not encouraging phobia, but it’s weird how many straight men encourage lesbianism when it can work against them in the long run. I mean even a lot of supposedly straight women say they’re attracted to women, prefer the female body or lesbian porn. I do wonder how much of this was created by male dominated media.