Psych TV/movies and Childfree

Just watched the latest movie in the franchise, which came out last year. Once more, they had the kid talk between Shawn and Juliet, and they both agrees they don’t want kids, but Juliet was unsure.

I genuinely hope they don’t have kids, and the writers/cast keep them childfree. I can’t think of a single character who was intentionally written to not want kids, and stayed that way.

Everytime someone says no kids, they always change their mind and it angers me so much.

In the movie they even wrote an amazing scene where Shawn’s dad claims Shawn will change his mind now that his bff is going to be a dad, and Shawn says he doesn’t think they will. It would be so much more impactful if they stayed childfree, and not have a child or even try for a baby and discover they are childless.

Do you agree? Do you know of any characters who are written as childfree and kept childfree?