Parents LOST IT after I told them about my hysterectomy

Just needing some support. I am getting a hysterectomy for endometriosis that has ravaged me for 12 years. I’ve tried other options but nothing has fully worked and I’ve NEVER wanted kids.

I finally decided on the hyst and got it booked and just told my parents. You would have thought I told them that a loved one died. They LOST it, they balled their eyes out, sobbing harder than I have ever seen them cry before. They are utterly devastated and even though I have made it clear before I wouldn’t have kids, they of course thought I would change my mind.

They insisted over and over that I would regret it and that they didn’t want kids until they changed their mind and had me and it was the best decision of their lives. After a lot of talking they understand my decision but are still incredibly sad to not have grandkids in their future.

I feel awful that they are so upset and I’d be lying if I didn’t say that they sewed a tiny seed of doubt in me after all that insisting that I’d change my mind. I’ve always been VERY sure of not wanting kids but now that it’s time to make an irreversible decision about that I’m a bit scared. Can I just some support and maybe some words to cheer me up? TIA.