Once again India win one of the worst place live as married men.

India is screwed up for Married Men

Not sure if this is allowed here but don’t know where to vent out the anger .

Indian law is screwed up for married men . We do not have any rights what so ever.
Been married for almost 4 months , hands down worst period of my life. Have been abused , taunted and broken down by my wife again and again.
I tried to get divorce.
It turns out you can’t seprate for next 8 months. People telling me I am wrong should give her time to adjust, it just 4 months.
Heck if she abuses me and my mother in just 4 months,what more is there to wait.
Went to a lawyer. Told me to stay down as no matter what evidence I have, if I file for divorce and in retaliation if she register an FIR against me even if there are false, I am screwed, my career is over.
I have never ever abused her , never raised a hand on her, always respected her and after all that mental torture , I don’t have any rights and be scared that if she files a FIR , me and my whole family is screwed.

I don’t know what to do . I am lost . Lost my faith in family relations. I have lost my faith in India.
My dad is in severe depression, he has stopped speaking anything and is a shell of his earlier self.