males right to be open about sexual harrassment

Growing up my father wasn’t around as much as i wanted and my mother didn’t know how to properly treat a growing child ..Both of my parents were immigrants so they didnt know how they should raise me in an American environment . Because of this my older sister became my surrogate mother.She cared for me taught me how to act around others and just gave me the proper motherly love and affection that a growing kids need . I trusted her fully. When i was nine my 12 year old sister initiated sex with me. I was too young to understand what was happening and i assumed because she acted as if it truly was not that bad. It lasted for a year before she stopped and it felt wrong the entire time but because i trusted her and i wasn’t ever made aware that a child doing that type of thing was wrong or that guys could even be sexually harassed. Because of this i just let the things happen for a year until out of the blue it just stopped.As i grew up i realized that it was wrong and that i had a reason to feel icky about it but at a certain point its been too long to bring something up and i didnt want to tell on my sister because she was my mom. I kept feeling really icky about myself and i had a hard time having relationships of any kind , both platonic and romantic. And as i became 13 i became depressed and began having psychosis stemming from depression. Nothing came of this until i was 14 where i attempted suicide . I spent two years in and out of mental facilities. I was baker acted 4 times in a row until last march i got released with the right medication for me and a better outlook on life . I decided that i was going to help whoever i could around me and i decided to create my very own subreddit . I encourage anyone with a story to share it here even if you don’t think its that big of a deal because i promise that your story you don’t think is that big is important too and it’s beneficial for you to talk about it