Just sick of it

Glad I found this group for a lot of, probably obvious, reasons. I’m tired of the toxic sterotypes attached to men, that society as a whole has seemed to have accepted and reinforce. I hate that I have to stay single on purpose, because women are so programmed to believe men are deceptive monsters, it’s just less painful to be lonely than it is to make a spectacle of myself to prove my worth to someone who will never think I’m good enough anyway. I’m tired of people assuming I’m an idiot, or a liar, or a creep, or unreliable just because I have a penis. I feel like it’s not ok to be a man anymore, like anyone had a choice at birth. I know women had to suffer from prejudice and fight for years for their rights. I know there are bad men out there. But guess what, there are bad women too. People are assholes; not just men. And it sucks that it history went the way it did, but I had nothing to do with that. I was born a dude and I feel like I’ll die alone because of that fact. I’ve got stories and opinions to share and all that good stuff. I’ll contribute some later. For now it’s just nice to land somewhere where I won’t feel hated on and alienated just for being a dude or defending one. Nice to not feel so alone.