It’s not perfect, but it’s enough for now…

After 6 months of taking progestin pills, I’ve finally stopped ovulating!

It means no more period, endo cramps, mood swings, and hormone-related acne. I also have a much lower chance of getting pregnant – which is not perfect, but it is acceptable for now. I don’t have a partner, and I’m not sexually active, so I’m not focusing on that part yet.

I’m just really happy that I won’t have to suffer every month and I can enjoy my life to the fullest everyday.

My mom is worried that taking these pills would lead to infertility someday, but I don’t really care. I’m planning to be surgically sterilized as soon as I’m in the allowed age bracket, and I find a doctor/hospital that is willing to do it. I’m not too concerned about the insurance part because I know I can save enough money to pay for it if necessary.

Childfreedom feels good. 🙂