I never want to have a kid because I would NEVER be able to handle the stress of it.

I don’t mind raising kids in videogames, since they aren’t real and they aren’t NEARLY as difficult to take care of as real ones. But when it comes to real life, I could never see myself having a kid because I’m horrible at managing stress. I have some mental disorders that make stress way more intense for me than it should be and I just know that if I had a kid and it started acting up, I would start hurting myself/scratching at myself out of stress at not knowing what to do. Even though I haven’t self-harmed since I think late 2021, I know I’m still capable of doing it even if I’m on my meds if I’m under enough stress where I don’t have control over everything, and when I lose control I completely lose it, too. It’s an ugly mixture of anger mixed with pure panic due to the stress, and I don’t want anybody to have to see that, especially a kid.