I finished college and here is how I handled my false accusation, could I have handled it any better?

Some things I need to point out here is that the false accusation I was dealing with, never went to authorities or the school. It just went to her friends in which they bullied me for the entire school year when they got the chance and had me ostracized to a lot of people who never got to even know me. The false accusation is extremely serious, and I believe it could have the potential to put my life in danger, ruin it, or cause massive financial damage. I find it hard to believe that any reasonable person or her friends would have actually believed her accusation, because if they truly did believe it they would of contacted the authorities but they did not, and chose to bully me instead.

I was going to contact the authorities myself, I have never went through this before, so as I looked up what I was going through to my surprise colleges commonly just simply side with the accuser even with no evidence and holes in their story, and simply will kick out the accused no questions asked.

So I believe I am left with no choice but to stay silent, and only take any action if I absolutely have to. Because I wasn’t being kicked out of college, or having to deal with any authorities.

So what I chose, here was to ignore them, keep my head up high, pray, and finish my school. And I will not be returning back to that particular school, but I will go to a different one.

What other option do I have? to those who say sue, I don’t have any more funds for a lawsuit, where in America even if I win I still need to pay the legal costs, and I wasn’t even being kicked out of school to begin with.

Going through this at the age of 18 really hurt me psychologically, I have now become much more avoidant towards others from fear of being hurt again. I avoid situations where I am alone with somebody I don’t know too.

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