I don’t want children. Ever!

I took care of my mother when she got sick. I was raised by a single mom and in the end of her life she told me everything that was wrong about her marriage. I loved her dearly and try to do what I could for her during the last years of her life but I just cannot imagine taking responsibility for other people ever again. My life is difficult enough the way it is. Imagining to have a baby crying all the time and taking care of its shit gives me the creeps. The thought it could be disabled gives me double creeps. When I talk to children nowadays they are just soooo annoying most of the time. No logic reasoning on their side + just annoying. I can’t even take care of my own plants .

My bf wants kids one day and I know that he will have them with someone else. We are in an open relationship so that is ok for me. But given that he is 31 and has not finished his education after 10 years of studying I definitely ask myself how he thinks he could take care of a child when he can’t even finish his own damn studies. Not procreating material either.