here’s a reason I’ve never seen talked about

I don’t have to celebrate any holiday I don’t want to. Many parents end up having to participate in holidays because their kids are excited about it.

I was just sitting in my house listening to the cacophony of fireworks going off and 1) super glad nobody that lives next to me has kids/is gonna accidentally set my house on fire 2) glad I don’t have kids so I don’t have to participate in the celebration of this shitshow of a country.

Call me a grinch but I hate Christmas and everything about it, so does my husband, and that’s a big one for kids. I would really hate to have to decorate the house and all that bullshit. I do buy my dogs and cats gifts but don’t even wrap them.

But there are so many holidays, almost one a month, that would need decorating or parties and buying stuff to celebrate and just, hard pass. Of course there’s nothing saying I would have to celebrate holidays even if I did have kids but I would feel horrible to deprive them of that kind of thing.