Have anyone ever called you misogynist or incel and you wonder why?

For example,

You said something about pay gap don’t exist. Then they said you are a misogynist. And you can’t understand what’s the connection between thinking pay gap don’t exist and being an incel/misogynist?

I’ve heard that’s just an insult that people throw when you don’t support their naratives.

Or is there an actual connection?

What do you think?

Recently, I like a young woman that have high IQ. She gave me evidence that my mistress is threatening her.

It looks pretty obvious to me that women are very uhuk uhuk misogynist. It’s obvious. People hate their competitors. People love those they do win win deals with.

Yet they accused me of being a misogynist. And that’s very confusing.

The same way, when feminists want to prohibit porn, all I see is women being misogynist. Looks like ugly women are envy or hate beautiful women that are in porn. Why do they accuse men of being a misogynist?

It seems that it’s their tactic to silence common sense. When things don’t feel right, and you question things, they just tell you stuffs that don’t make sense.