Has online dating ruined relationships?

And also causes women to devalue men?

I’m beginning to think so. We all know it becomes a numbers game, commodifying people into pictures . It’s become like shopping for a partner or a fling. We all know it’s also skewed greatly against most men, with women receiving tons of likes, messages etc, and many men few or none at all. So they begin to see most men as a dime a dozen and get even pickier. Men get more and more desperate and start putting women on pedestals. Might seem great for women, but ultimately they have to settle too if they want a relationship. To me it just doesn’t seem feasible. It makes women devalue men and many men overvalue women, yet if most people want a hetero relationships it seems many women will feel they have to ‘settle.’ For those who want kids and a family they could reach 40 and find it’s too late to have biological kids. They then complain about the top few percent of guys who have all the options. The whole thing reminds me of a failed financial situation, inflation, deflation, collapse.