Disowned For Getting A Hysterectomy, Brother Is Applaud For His Vasectomy.

**edit** people are claiming this a fake story all because they had a different experience or know someone with a experience with hysterectomy.

I also never said I thought hysterectomy was like plain old sterilization to go to, I got it for medical reasons. I thought this was a sub I could safely post in but I guess I was wrong.

Exactly what the title says.

I got a hysterectomy about a little over a week ago. I wasn’t even going to mention this at all to my family because they have those really old beliefs about how a women’s sole purpose is to have children well…things changed.

My parents invited me,my brother and my brother’s wife over for dinner. Sometime during the dinner my mom started asking about potential grandkids…like usual. My brother shortly drops some news on us. He says he got a vasectomy and him and his wife are good with their three dogs. I was waiting for my parents to freak out but to my surprise they hugged him and even made jokes. Like “I guess those are kids, our little grand puppies”

Afterwards I talked with my brother for a bit as I wasn’t aware he didn’t want kids ether. I mentioned to him in-front of our parents I got a hysterectomy just to relate to him and I didn’t think it was going to be a big deal since my parents didn’t make a fuss about my brothers procedure. But nope. The minute I mentioned that, the table went silent and my mom started crying and my dad called me a selfish b*ch.

I got kicked out and I’ve been blocking on everything. This felt so surreal to me and still does, so I’m not sure how to to feel right now. I’m not even sure if they are ever going to speak to me again.

**EDIT**: people are confused about something’s.

1. About the inviting over. I was still living with them at this time. They mentioned the dinner to me and how it will take place, therefore inviting me to dinner. Bad communication on my part.

2. I got the hysterectomy for medical reasons I do not wish to disclose here but I also did it for the sake of never having children. As I don’t want them. I am a lesbian but have dated/do date trans lesbians so there is a possibility I can get pregnant from those relationships.

3. My recovery time is 6-8 weeks. I was able to walk around on the 5th day. but I was able to make it to the dinner.

4. I lied to my parents and said I got my appendix taken out, as I did have to be in the hospital for a bit and was put on bed rest for awhile. Hence why they didn’t know about the procedure when I still stayed there.