Cant decide when/if it’s worth it to transition from BC to salpingectomy bc I’m scared no matter what

I know for a fact I do not want to birth a child and currently have an IUD and use condoms but I still get worried about getting pregnant and never want it to happen so I am wondering when is the right time to get the surgery?
If I could I’d get the surgery now but the thing to Surgery scares me too. It’s all so scary and I wish I wasn’t a female sometimes :[
I am very young and have time especially bc I literally JUST got my iud a few weeks ago so Ik i should give it a chance but still. Even 99% doesn’t feel like enough sometimes?? Anyways I am mostly ranting bc. I know nothing is 100?fective just close to that but am having trouble believing the logic oof. Ugh. Hate being fertile