Bilateral Salpingectomy FINALLY

I finally had my bilateral salpingectomy on 6/30 and I have never been more thrilled. I’ve never wanted kids since I was 14 and the earliest time I remember trying to get sterilized was since I was 19.
My Mother has been begging me to have children even BEFORE I got my first period. It’s a constant topic brought up anytime I see here. Like 80% chance it’s been brought up, on her own. Every time I tell her my stance and I do not want a child or any other life to be responsible for. Last time was as a family gathering and I told her she would have to pay me 15 million dollars non-taxed to even consider it.
Well I finally persuaded my OBGYN that I needed one and that all other forms of contraception do not work for me due to putting me into mental distress or very closely putting me into the ER. She called me and said she would and a week later I was in the OR getting my tubes completely removed. Nobody except my sister and 2 others know of the removal. So it should be a bit thrilling to see my Mother’s face when I tell her.

So far recovery hasn’t been too bad other than being sore and a hard time breathing. My diaphragm is sore and my abdomen which isn’t shocking, but it’s bearable. Laying down and leaning over helps with breathing. I have to have assistance getting up, in and out of bed as well as sitting to use the toilet the 1st 3 days. So far, the recovery isn’t what I imagined at all.

Let me know if you have any questions. I’d love to help.