Thoughts on the rise of lesbianism/female bisexuality?

While homosexuality is increasing, it’s clear more women are identifying as not straight or being into other women than men. There are various reasons for this. Some feminists blame men, as usual, and there’s also the fact there’s less social stigma against women being with women. I’m not homophobic or against any consenting adults doing what they want, but I do wonder about the social implications, and some of the social causes. Even someone as respected as Leonard quipped one reason why this might be was because many guys are ‘such losers.’ But I was thinking, it’s already hard for many men to find a woman, what will happen if more women identify as bisexual or lesbian and choose long term female partners rather than male ones? Or a polyamorous relationship with a man and another woman. I’m not encouraging phobia, but it’s weird how many straight men encourage lesbianism when it can work against them in the long run. I mean even a lot of supposedly straight women say they’re attracted to women, prefer the female body or lesbian porn. I do wonder how much of this was created by male dominated media.


To the feminist at work. And in all other parts of my life.

I’m not joining the club.

I can’t take you seriously if the word entitlement isn’t paired with responsibility. Start explaining what you are responsible for.

I don’t care if you wear a bra. Why is this still a thing ? Do what you want.

I don’t need to hear anything related to your reproductive cycle, we are not a couple so why do you feel like sharing publicly. Sharing is not caring. Your body is your business.

If you take the time to creat list and be thoughtful do it silently. Telling others about the emotional labor you endured takes away from any generosity you supposedly offered.

If women are still too sexualized it’s because too many of your sisters are looking for a short cut. Deal with them, not me.

If a man shares a thoughts or a feeling let him finish it. Talking isn’t a competitive sport. Emotions are real and not icons in your chat app. Let a man express himself once in a while. And listen once in a while.

And lastly, if men are so bad why do you glom onto them as if they are owed to you. No man owes you anything, least of all a relationship if he isn’t ready for one. Or if you are not the one.

Stop pretending that feminism to many of you is nothing more than a short cut, a life hack. Built on the backs of broken men.


Women are sexist to young men, boys even.

A couple months ago at my school, I was walking up the stairs to go into the school. There were four people going in:

In the front, a girl with an Asian ethnicity;
A black lady ;
Me, a straight white male;
And then a boy with asian ethnicity.

The girl held the door open for the Black Women, and also held the door open for me and the other guy, which was really nice. But *apparently* it was the worst thing ever.

When me and the boy got inside, the Adult all but gaped at what she saw. She chastised the Girl for holding the door open for a man. Because you shouldn’t do that, apparently. She said that “You should never hold a door open for a man. They are terrible people. Do you hear me?” And wouldn’t let up to the girl said yes.

I just thought I should share. This happened in a highschool. Where there are people as young as 14. They *most likely* haven’t raped anyone

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I finished college and here is how I handled my false accusation, could I have handled it any better?

Some things I need to point out here is that the false accusation I was dealing with, never went to authorities or the school. It just went to her friends in which they bullied me for the entire school year when they got the chance and had me ostracized to a lot of people who never got to even know me. The false accusation is extremely serious, and I believe it could have the potential to put my life in danger, ruin it, or cause massive financial damage. I find it hard to believe that any reasonable person or her friends would have actually believed her accusation, because if they truly did believe it they would of contacted the authorities but they did not, and chose to bully me instead.

I was going to contact the authorities myself, I have never went through this before, so as I looked up what I was going through to my surprise colleges commonly just simply side with the accuser even with no evidence and holes in their story, and simply will kick out the accused no questions asked.

So I believe I am left with no choice but to stay silent, and only take any action if I absolutely have to. Because I wasn’t being kicked out of college, or having to deal with any authorities.

So what I chose, here was to ignore them, keep my head up high, pray, and finish my school. And I will not be returning back to that particular school, but I will go to a different one.

What other option do I have? to those who say sue, I don’t have any more funds for a lawsuit, where in America even if I win I still need to pay the legal costs, and I wasn’t even being kicked out of school to begin with.

Going through this at the age of 18 really hurt me psychologically, I have now become much more avoidant towards others from fear of being hurt again. I avoid situations where I am alone with somebody I don’t know too.

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All I ever wanted was to be a father.

A husband, teacher, protector, provider; all I ever saw for myself as a kid, and I looked forward to it.

After some years, that desire grew, but my heart and depressed brain constantly told me it was impossible. It became the number one thing I would wish for and think about at night, the number one aspiration I’d tell my friends and family, and the number one thought causing spirals into self harm, alcohol abuse, and a lot of cryspells.

As time goes on, and my health deteriorates and my faith in the world slips along with it; I’ve accepted that it truly will never ever happen.

Unfortunately, this story doesn’t have a happy ending; but I wanted to share it here , because when I have posted here in the past, I’ve received a great deal of respectful conversation and support; but moreso than that, I wanted to give a little reminder.

Being a father seems to be one of the hardest things one could ever do, and I’m sure at times it gets so stressful and so defeating, and sometimes maybe you feel like you don’t want to do it anymore; I think that is all valid, but I want y’all to remember, some men would KILL to be in your shoes, some men dream of having a son to protect or a daughter to show the world, some men lie awake wishing they could hear that little sweet voice calling them dad.

Some men, if I can just speak for myself, want nothing more than to be a father.

Trust me, you may not feel appreciated in society, but I promise you are envied by some. You worked to get where you are, and you’ve worked hard, I don’t doubt that; but please hear me when I say, you are so very lucky.

I applaud all of you so much, and I’m proud of you.

Give your kiddos a hug for me, and I hope you all have an amazing loving fathers day, sincerely.

Much love guys.

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NCFM Washington D.C. Rally September 9-10, 2022

On the dates listed above the National Coalition For Men are holding a rally in support for men who are falsely accused of domestic crimes.

Obviously not every MRA will be able to attend but these days would be perfect for spreading online awareness and having showings in other real life locations to also spread awareness. If enough locations do show up it could receive enough attention to bring light our issues and a more positive outlook on our movement.

I’m open to discussing what can be done on these days to help spread awareness for this cause in comments or dms.


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What does feminism want men to do about creepy men?

I was walking out of the gym today behind a girl and i saw her look back at me twice. I assumed she thought i was stalking her to her car so i literally went the opposite direction of my car to make sure she didn’t feel uncomfortable or scared. Then i thought… is this what feminism wants? men to go out of their way to not make women feel uncomfortable? that only hurts good men.

then i thought what if i was making a man feel uncomfortable? men are more likely to suffer from a violent crime… so should i take weird routes to make men feel safe too? are we going to enter a weird phase where everyone is avoiding eachother out of fear of perception lol

i wanted to ask the feminist sub but they would probably ban me for posting here

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Ukraine implements the Istanbul Convention

Yes, you read that right. Ukraine, fighting for its very existence, has taken time to ratify the Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence, better known as *the Istanbul Convention*.

I can speculate why they have done this. Partly, it illustrates what good can come of a on senior civil servants and selected feminist politicians. Even the UK, where the MRM has been fighting off the Istanbul Convention for over six years, looks under its Conservative , supposedly right-wing, government.

If you know nothing of the Istanbul Convention, you probably should read up on it. Do not assume it is just a whacky thing that is infecting only Europe: this is spreading around the world. British MRA and author William Collins has a .

You will read in the legacy media that the Istanbul Convention is about ending domestic violence against women. That’s like saying a keyboard is about writing letters: kind-of true but not everything it is, and it isn’t doing a good job of what it is claiming. Turkey once signed it and has since denied it. Bulgaria’s constitutional court has kicked it out for its sexist and undemocratic nature. Read .

You might also read of high rates of domestic violence in Ukraine. You need to read these with caution, particularly from feminist sources like the United Nations, where you will be told that almost all victims are women. If you look, you can find such cookie-cutter data on any country in the world. I don’t know the real situation in Ukraine but there is no reason to think it is much different to anywhere else, where domestic violence is a social problem, it is shared roughly equally between men, women and children, and where feminist policies over the past decades can be shown to have not reduced it .

If you pray, send an extra prayer for Ukraine now. Not only do they have to deal with the war from without, they have to deal with the war within – at the same time.


Always Told How to Behave around women to make them feel safe. But never been told what to do if someone harassed me

So I am always being lectured on how to behave around women to make them feel safe. Example: Cross over to the other side of the street at night if a woman is walking on your side of the street. As good as that advice is on how to make women feel safe, the flipside is that advice made me feel demonised. Like I was someone to be feared.

But when a drunk woman slaps me in the ass, it made me think. I was always taught how to be respectful and non-threatening around women. But never in my life was I ever taught how to react if a woman harassed me. Like I was not expected to know how to behave around women. But expected to know how to defend myself against abusive women.

Is it just me that feels demonised by feminism or am I not seeing the bigger picture?