I got accused of rape at school

I’m in 9th grade, and a girl i don’t even know just accused me or rape, and now they’re investigating me. I really don’t know what to do. Can anyone help? I would never do something like this, I don’t even want to have sex until I’m married. I would never touch a woman without her consent, and now I’m being searched and investigated for rape. Please help me, I don’t know what to do.

EDIT: She created evidence through a pregnancy test. I don’t understand why, but I never touched her.

09/06/22 – Court date decided, June 17th. The school has me on severe surveillance, having a school resource officer in the same room as me every class. They’ve searched my locker 3 times.

10/06/22 – They have a resource officer on the bus with me. We are the only ones who have one.

10/06/22 – The only food I’m allowed to have is a PB&J with water. Wow. You’re kidding, right?

10/13/22 – Exams happening, was escorted to a private room and staying there the whole day. The officer is blocking the door and refusing my right to use the bathroom.


Have anyone ever called you misogynist or incel and you wonder why?

For example,

You said something about pay gap don’t exist. Then they said you are a misogynist. And you can’t understand what’s the connection between thinking pay gap don’t exist and being an incel/misogynist?

I’ve heard that’s just an insult that people throw when you don’t support their naratives.

Or is there an actual connection?

What do you think?

Recently, I like a young woman that have high IQ. She gave me evidence that my mistress is threatening her.

It looks pretty obvious to me that women are very uhuk uhuk misogynist. It’s obvious. People hate their competitors. People love those they do win win deals with.

Yet they accused me of being a misogynist. And that’s very confusing.

The same way, when feminists want to prohibit porn, all I see is women being misogynist. Looks like ugly women are envy or hate beautiful women that are in porn. Why do they accuse men of being a misogynist?

It seems that it’s their tactic to silence common sense. When things don’t feel right, and you question things, they just tell you stuffs that don’t make sense.


males right to be open about sexual harrassment

Growing up my father wasn’t around as much as i wanted and my mother didn’t know how to properly treat a growing child ..Both of my parents were immigrants so they didnt know how they should raise me in an American environment . Because of this my older sister became my surrogate mother.She cared for me taught me how to act around others and just gave me the proper motherly love and affection that a growing kids need . I trusted her fully. When i was nine my 12 year old sister initiated sex with me. I was too young to understand what was happening and i assumed because she acted as if it truly was not that bad. It lasted for a year before she stopped and it felt wrong the entire time but because i trusted her and i wasn’t ever made aware that a child doing that type of thing was wrong or that guys could even be sexually harassed. Because of this i just let the things happen for a year until out of the blue it just stopped.As i grew up i realized that it was wrong and that i had a reason to feel icky about it but at a certain point its been too long to bring something up and i didnt want to tell on my sister because she was my mom. I kept feeling really icky about myself and i had a hard time having relationships of any kind , both platonic and romantic. And as i became 13 i became depressed and began having psychosis stemming from depression. Nothing came of this until i was 14 where i attempted suicide . I spent two years in and out of mental facilities. I was baker acted 4 times in a row until last march i got released with the right medication for me and a better outlook on life . I decided that i was going to help whoever i could around me and i decided to create my very own subreddit . I encourage anyone with a story to share it here even if you don’t think its that big of a deal because i promise that your story you don’t think is that big is important too and it’s beneficial for you to talk about it


Once again India win one of the worst place live as married men.

India is screwed up for Married Men

Not sure if this is allowed here but don’t know where to vent out the anger .

Indian law is screwed up for married men . We do not have any rights what so ever.
Been married for almost 4 months , hands down worst period of my life. Have been abused , taunted and broken down by my wife again and again.
I tried to get divorce.
It turns out you can’t seprate for next 8 months. People telling me I am wrong should give her time to adjust, it just 4 months.
Heck if she abuses me and my mother in just 4 months,what more is there to wait.
Went to a lawyer. Told me to stay down as no matter what evidence I have, if I file for divorce and in retaliation if she register an FIR against me even if there are false, I am screwed, my career is over.
I have never ever abused her , never raised a hand on her, always respected her and after all that mental torture , I don’t have any rights and be scared that if she files a FIR , me and my whole family is screwed.

I don’t know what to do . I am lost . Lost my faith in family relations. I have lost my faith in India.
My dad is in severe depression, he has stopped speaking anything and is a shell of his earlier self.


Intimate Partner Violence and abuse and mental health – Looking for participants

Hi, I’m conducting a survey to assess perceptions of intimate partner violence and abuse and their impact on men’s psychological well-being. This post has been approved by moderators of this group and received full ethical approval from Birmingham City University – England.

To access the study, click on the link below or use the QR code. Thank you in advance for your participation!


Men’s Rights and Feminism

I’m asking this question because I’m genuinely intrigued, this is by no means intended to offend anyone. In short I’ve noticed that many people on the subreddit misinterpret feminism as misandry or as a movement intended to take away the rights of men whilst placing women at a higher position in society. Of course this isn’t what feminism is or should be about and that’s why as a feminist I find some of the comments and posts on here frustrating. However I’m curious to know that in a similar way mens rights is interpreted as being super misogynistic with links to incel groups etc does the misinterpretation of the movement not frustrate you?


A dad complained that he has parenting time for his children but mom has failed to drop them off as required by court orders, and he is forbidden from contacting her by court order

A dad complained that he has parenting time for his children but mom has failed to drop them off as required by court orders, and he is forbidden from contacting her by court order

Here is my reply in the hopes that other parents who wish to act in the best interests of their children and spend parenting time with them may find this information useful to seek justice for themselves and their children.

I am not a attorney and this is not legal advice.

How to file for contempt of court. Washington but other states are similar.

> Contempt of Court: When the other person in your case won’t follow a court order


Serving legal papers.

> If you would like to hire a process server, you are looking for someone who is reputable, organized, and professional. To hire a process server, simply contact process servers in your area and ask for quotes and service options. Most, if not all, process servers are available by phone and email and will be able to answer questions regarding legal service of process and what their company offers.


I wish you the best of luck in your search for justice.


Has online dating ruined relationships?

And also causes women to devalue men?

I’m beginning to think so. We all know it becomes a numbers game, commodifying people into pictures . It’s become like shopping for a partner or a fling. We all know it’s also skewed greatly against most men, with women receiving tons of likes, messages etc, and many men few or none at all. So they begin to see most men as a dime a dozen and get even pickier. Men get more and more desperate and start putting women on pedestals. Might seem great for women, but ultimately they have to settle too if they want a relationship. To me it just doesn’t seem feasible. It makes women devalue men and many men overvalue women, yet if most people want a hetero relationships it seems many women will feel they have to ‘settle.’ For those who want kids and a family they could reach 40 and find it’s too late to have biological kids. They then complain about the top few percent of guys who have all the options. The whole thing reminds me of a failed financial situation, inflation, deflation, collapse.


Just sick of it

Glad I found this group for a lot of, probably obvious, reasons. I’m tired of the toxic sterotypes attached to men, that society as a whole has seemed to have accepted and reinforce. I hate that I have to stay single on purpose, because women are so programmed to believe men are deceptive monsters, it’s just less painful to be lonely than it is to make a spectacle of myself to prove my worth to someone who will never think I’m good enough anyway. I’m tired of people assuming I’m an idiot, or a liar, or a creep, or unreliable just because I have a penis. I feel like it’s not ok to be a man anymore, like anyone had a choice at birth. I know women had to suffer from prejudice and fight for years for their rights. I know there are bad men out there. But guess what, there are bad women too. People are assholes; not just men. And it sucks that it history went the way it did, but I had nothing to do with that. I was born a dude and I feel like I’ll die alone because of that fact. I’ve got stories and opinions to share and all that good stuff. I’ll contribute some later. For now it’s just nice to land somewhere where I won’t feel hated on and alienated just for being a dude or defending one. Nice to not feel so alone.


What is your story? What got you into men’s rights? I used to be a massive supporter of feminism. I am not now. I do not hate women. I support them. I wish they would do the same. Let’s tell our stories.

This is very much true what I said in the title. I used to be completely woke feminist type guy. But the more women with that type of Outlook I had on Facebook etc, the more straight up misandry I would find.

I was a straight up ally through and through for women. Well, feminist women messed that up.

Edit: I would just like to point out that after reading all of these not one person said anything about being angry at women in general or not being able to get laid. I still to this day don’t understand why they say this.

It started by pointing out small things. Like not to demonize all men as most of us are on your side. Sorry that kind of offends me a bit as every woman in my life would probably say they have hurt me more physically or mentally then I have ever done to them.

Or defending against very sexist things like please stop saying men need to be taught in their teens not to rape. They are children and any sensibly raised person is going to automatically know that isn’t okay.

I noticed when I said stuff like that, even though I was 100% supportive of their movement, the feminist I was friends with wouldn’t criticize me. But oh boy, her feminist friends sure did. Hell most of the feminist friends I had/have would outright defend me. Then laughably get criticized by their own friends and movement.

Simply explaining perspectives when literally asked to I would get attacked and said was mansplaining. Even when answering questions like how do men feel about domestic abuse, or the metoo movement. Stating things like domestic abuse is horrible and I went through it as a man. And explaining how bad it was even coming from a woman. How I support all victims etc. Somehow that was mansplaining? I mean…you literally ASKED for a man’s perspective?

So slowly but surely they REALLY turned me off of feminism when I wanted to do nothing but support them. Because I love people and women. Most people and most women. But being demonized simply for being a man got exhausting.

So then getting annoyed with some of their responses I looked up a few things to prove my points. And slowly saw subreddits like these and some other MRA stuff. Which I heard was just women hating garbage, and realized holy shit these guys really are just normal dudes, not incels or this or that, that have been abused by the system, women, partners, or all of them combined.

Most guys here DONT have much of an issue getting laid. But oh boy do they sure act like it. As usually thats their only weapon. Not facts or actual progressiveness. We’re just over all the bigotry and hate. I am extremely left wing and didn’t think alt left existed. But now I do. I never got called an Incel in my life. Except for commenting on reddit defending men.

I still am left wing but holy shit feminists. You turned me and so many other men away because of your hate. You are not the good guys. And have become the very thing you were fighting against.